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by the MurderChord

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We’re all children in the bodies of adults if you cant cope, it isn’t ya fault we’re just some little animal one who just wants to come in from the cold we just wanna know whats going on Can I get some? Can I get, a little more, after that? Yeah I don’t want just ONE im lookin for a regular supply we just wanna know whats goin on cause we know for a fact that the narrative is backed by a stack of dark and dirty advertising cash we just wanna know whats goin on and being kept in the dark is as bad as it gets when its light that we use as our primary sense we just wanna know whats goin on when everything we know comes from the same source whatcha gonna do when that gets taken from us we just wanna know whats goin on rise and shine, its time to pretend everythings fine and just pay no mind, as the whole world gets set on/Fire and we really wanna know... ...whats goin on wjwkwgo
its like we're out smokin in the rain! we're tryna light it up and the whole worlds busy trying ta ... put it out again its like we're lookin for someone else to blame we'd like things to change, but we dont wanna have to like... do anything its kinda like life has been charging us 6bux, but only giving us a half a glass of the stuff, what sort of sick fucks been putting flies and mosquitoes in everybody's simulations anyway? we're not gonna stand round here and TAKE anymore! ...when we can sit down and get it delivered right to our door :-( and as the whole world turns to rust are we gonna stand round here try and insufflate all of the dust? and as the waterlevel starts rising, we keep out gaze fixed squarely on the horizon so we dont notice nothing, sometimes we're smoking in the rain we're not gonna stand round here and TAKE anymore! ...when we can sit down and get it delivered right to our door :-( whats this? another thing? that none of us? can afford to ignore? did you want an award? just for savin' the world? we can be human, every once in a while we can be humane, every now and then but the rest of the time, we get by, with our tiny little reptile mind we're all chemistry anyway, and thats ok... we can be humane...
* its just my brain and me, walkin down the street and im lookin after him (best i can) and hes lookin after me we're both passin messages back and forth between this grey-goey matter and the.. the real world and im lookin after him and hes lookin out for me. Its just my brains and me, one of us has got the easy job, he’s just the hands and the feet. the otherones busy makin sense of it all hallucinating the best reality that we can afford... we're passing messages back and forwarrrrrrrrrrd ** one of us is just brains and meat/ generating heat one of us is lookin OUT. and one of us is lookin FORWARD we're both drinkin cocktails that neither of us can really afford its just my brains and me! Walkin down the street one of us is vegetarian, the other one is MADE of meat im lookin after him, hes lookin after me im lookin after him, he lookin after me, lookin after me. meawwwww
i look out, and sometimes i pull a smile out of my back-pocket and flatten it out and slap it across my face as i stare out over this prosperous place which, keeps on expanding at an exponential rate which i am lead to believe is gonna be grrrreat! Next year… sgunna be a better year When something starts off small and gets larger and larger at a rate which is only ever allowed to get faster and faster only an economist could look at that and tell you that its not going to wind up as an absolute. Disaster. Next years gonna be a better year, next years gonna be a better year, a better year. <And so on and so forth.> i thought she was lookin right at me, but she was gazin off into space as she traipsed a snot-soaked tissue across her tear-bitten face , I thought man, she must be close to absolute rock bottom to be asking a dude like ME for this kinda advice, so I figured id better drive her somewhere… well, you know close… but still… kinda nice! And we got there and we looked out and we started talkin about our lives. And she told me things. She told me things like: NOBODY CARES ANYMORE! (she said) NO BODY CARES! (she said) EVERYBODY SAYS THAT THEY’RE LISTENING BUT NOONE REALLY HEARS BECAUSE NONE REALLY CARES ANYMORE! And Next year… had BETTER be a better year. I was like… oh dear. Next years gonna be a better year, next years gonna be a better year, a better year. Next year everybodys gonna care, next years gonna be a better yeah! Yeah. What we can remember. And what really happens… maybe they are different. From what we imagine. Next years gonna be the same, thistime with a little more back pain.
from the position you bin sittin’ in youv bin witnessing all o these problems rollin in, from KAYS away. --------------and when you look / back over your shoulder you only seein things that you wanna see.....anyway s and when you GET. to the end of a real nice moment, of course your gonna want it all again pleasure and pain are the same pathways in your brain, so when pleasure goes away, well the pain come creepin in/creepin in. now we’re all lookin up, reachin up to the sky, while we’re kickin over prizes on the ground that are worth 10 times. That we hardly even recognise. Now we’re all livin in an invisible casino, armed with nothin’ but beginners luck. now every day’s another game of paper/scissors/rock “its gonna be dark soon, and my battery's goin flat” and it ALL makes sense, when you look back at it but we only ever get to have at it forwards. Life make sense when you look back at it for sure. We’re addicts. The Lot of us. <<i have loads more lyrics so I can totally imagine cramming in another verse one of these days, or something in the outro at least… >>


This is where all live@theDank tracks will appear as they get written. We will try to get them up here when they are still new and fresh (and, obviously LIVE), and then re-record them fully-realized at some stage in the future with all the overdubs, isolated-tracking and other studio embellishments we've all come to expect.


released March 12, 2023

Dave: sings, piano's and records audios.
Ryan: drums and deals with videos.
Youze: make it all worth while.


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the MurderChord Auckland, New Zealand

Punkrock on a piano.

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